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SDSW sidebarThis weekend, those charming folks at ebook soda are featuring my latest book, How To Start Dating And Stop Waiting, and in return for sending a few new readers my way (‘Hello’ to all new readers) we’ve temporarily dropped the price of the UK & US kindle edition to a mere 99 pence (or cents, depending on the coins in your pocket).

I’m enormously proud of this book. It’s crammed with dating advice for the man or woman who really doesn’t ‘do’ dating.

The paperback’s well over three hundred pages. The audio is eight hours long! And if you’re part of the kindle generation it can be yours for less than the price of a cheap cup of coffee (that was the best analogy I could come up with – hey, it’s early as I write this!)

To download the book and start reading, click here and hop on over to amazon. But hurry – the price goes back up next week!

Haven’t got a Kindle? Why on earth not? Download the FREE kindle app for your computer, smart phone or tablet from amazon ( | .com)


How You Gonna Have A Dream Come True?

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Red Golf GTI

Today is the 66th day of the year. To put that into context, in just one week’s time 20% of 2014 will have GONE. How are those goals coming along?

Back in August of 2013, one of my readers (let’s call her… Jenny!) dropped me a line and asked if I could take a look at her goals which until then had failed to deliver any meaningful results. Well now, if you’re a regular reader of this blog you’ll know that (for a small fee, I mean really small – quite pathetic in the general scheme of things) I’m only too happy to help with any aspect of concepts discussed in the book, and with this in mind Jenny and I booked a one-hour Happy Talkie into the diary.

Without going into too many specifics Jenny’s goals did indeed require some tweaking. They were a little drab. A little unambitious. Extremely practical. In short, were she to achieve them there was every chance her overall happiness would remain exactly as it was.

And after some discussion (much of which revolved around whether she deserved to feel happy) we threw away the goals she had and created new ones.

We wrote a work goal designed to motivate Jenny into leaving her less-than-fulfilling desk job and going it alone. We wrote a goal designed to address her work life balance and make more of her free time. And finally we decided that she DOES deserve to be happy and that she should get herself that brand new Golf GTI she’s always wanted but was too shy / scared / {insert appropriate emotion here} to splash out on.

We made some other changes too, such as the introduction of a notepad to her usual handbag paraphernalia so that Jenny could start creating a NOW List when ideas presented themselves.

A few weeks later I got an email from Jenny telling me that her NOW List was growing nicely, she’d broken her ‘work’ goal into baby steps, and that finally she’d signed up for an evening class purely for interest/enjoyment. Things were going well.

She’d also found the following ‘motto’ (from “The Man Who Wanted to Be Happy” by Laurent Gounelle) which was now stuck to her bathroom mirror on a post-it note.

“In life you need to know how to aim straight at the goal”.

Well, six months later, in preparation for this blog, I dropped Jenny a line to see what the latest was.

Jenny’s self-employment hadn’t progressed any further – but only because when she came to discuss them with her employer they offered her a more senior, challenging role as part of their expansion plans!

As well as enjoying work, she was also spending her evenings and weekends making and selling items at craft fairs – just for fun!

And the VW Golf? Well apparently it’s still on the cards for the Spring.

buttonNeed help making 2014 your best year ever? I charge a mere £28 for forty-five minutes, with our discussion specifically tailored to your requirements and around any of the elements covered in the book. Click here to drop me a line with a brief outline as to what you’re trying to achieve, and lets get talking. Or Pay Now for your session and I’ll contact you.


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Peter Jones. Boy can he talk.You know what the best thing about being an author is?

Giving ‘talks’.

Most of my days are spent locked away in this here office either writing (on a good day), or (more likely) doing all the other things that come with the job (most of which fall under the broad heading of promotion). But maybe once a fortnight I leave the house and drive to a church hall, or a community centre, and spend an hour or so entertaining the members of a Women’s Institute, a Town’s Women’s Guide, a branch of the U3A, or a writing circle.

The first talk I ever gave was as part of The Essex Book Festival back in March 2012. To say I was nervous is something of an understatement, but with some two dozen talks under my belt (not to mention numerous workshops and radio interviews) I think I can say with some degree of confidence that I’m getting a feel for them.

My usual talk tells the story of how I came to write my three How To books, how I landed a book deal with audible and Harper Collins, as well as how I met Kate and the influence that she had on my life. It’s all pretty light hearted, with a couple of surprises along the way. Thirty minutes in I usually throw it open to questions and let the audience determine where we go from there.

It’s hard to say how people react without sounding a little big headed. Let’s just say that the last two or three groups I’ve spoken to have already pencilled me into their schedules for a follow-up talk next year. I think that speaks for itself.

If you’d like me to talk at your group or society I’d be only too happy to do so. My fee usual fee for a talk of (up to) one hour to a medium sized group or society inside the Essex / London area is currently only £40, a little higher if you are further afield. If you require something longer, or a group ‘seminar,’  please let me know.

Please drop me a line via the contact page, and I’ll get back in touch, diary at the ready.

Right now I’m doing a deal for London / Essex based writing groups & circles. Book me for a talk and I’ll only charge travelling expenses. What’s not to like about that?

The Wisdom Of Fay

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fay's goalsReader Fay dropped me a line via facebook to let me know how she’d got on with her 2013 goals, but what really impressed me was how she’d written them.

Fay had three goals, all written in the present tense, each with a deadline, a penalty attached (ugh!), and saved on her phone where she could see them daily. Now that’s the way to write goals!

So how did she do?

I’m happy to report that during 2013 NO penalties were required – Fay has been dating someone since Oct, she’s running a marathon in May (it’s not Paris, it’s Edinburgh but I think that counts!) and she’s expanded her culinary skills with many a Mary Berry recipe.

The ‘Harrison fix up’ penalty intrigued me. Apparently it refers to her married friend who had a habit of inviting Fay to dinner, where upon she’d discover that the whole thing was a ruse to try and fix her up with another singleton.

If ‘romance’ features as one of your goals, I might be able to help! This month saw the launch of my new book How To Start Dating And Stop Waiting.

It’s available now in paperback, as an ebook, and (once I’ve finished recording it), as an audio download from audible. Pop along to amazon ( | .com) and select the format of your choice.

Alternatively, why not try the shorter, quirkier, companion guide, first; From Invisible To Irresistible – check it out on amazon ( | .com)

Opening Chapter: How To Start Dating And Stop Waiting

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This month saw the launch of my new book How To Start Dating And Stop Waiting. It’s available now in paperback, as an ebook, and (once I’ve finished recording it), as an audio download from audible. Pop along to amazon and select the format of your choice. In the meantime, here’s an excerpt from the opening chapter…

SDSW drop shadow colour smallTo Begin With

On my thirty-second birthday, as I sat at my mother’s dining room table in front of a large cake, thirty two candles threatening to ignite my beard should I lean too far forward, I realised that the only ambition I had left in life – the only dream I hadn’t given up on – was to be married.

Or at least in some sort of steady, loving relationship.

A long term partnership with someone whose ying was a close match to my less than melodic yang.

But even this, this last naive expectation of life, was looking increasingly unlikely. Every candle on that cake was some sort of burning epitaph to just how utterly rubbish I was when it came to affairs of the heart.

There had been relationships in the past – of course there had – but I’d kind of ‘fallen into them’, by accident. And after the ladies in question had tried, and failed, to mould me into the kind of man they actually wanted, those relationships had withered and died. There hadn’t been an ‘accidental relationship’ for a while. Colleagues no longer described me as an eligible bachelor. Some had started to question my sexuality.

So as my family launched into a rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ I decided there and then that the prospect of being single for the rest of my days was unacceptable.

Something had to be done.

Around that time there was a BBC TV show called ‘Would Like to Meet’ where a team of experts (a flirt coach, an actor, and an image consultant) would take some hapless individual and turn them into a heartthrob or a man-magnet. It very quickly became my favourite TV show. I’d watch it avidly from one week to the next hoping to pick up some tips. And the conclusion I came to was that I too could do with a similar makeover – albeit without the entire viewing nation of the United Kingdom looking on.

So over the next few weeks I tracked down Image Consultants, and contacted one. Back then, Image Consultants mainly worked for corporations, re-styling senior corporate executives who might otherwise look less than sharp in the boardroom, but I had surprisingly little problem persuading my consultant of choice to broaden the scope of her client base to include one sad and lonely thirty-something guy. She took one look at me, threw away every item of clothing I’d acquired in the previous decade, and in an afternoon gave me some much needed va-va-voom, in the wardrobe department.

And once I’d been completely re-styled, I looked around for a flirt coach.

These days, you can barely move for self-styled relationship experts and flirt coaches – heck, I’m just about to tell you why I’m one of them – but back in 2003 I could find just one. And she ran courses.

I took several hundred pounds from my savings, and booked myself on a ‘flirting weekend’. Nervously, I took my place in the front row, and when instructed I turned and introduced myself to the stunning blonde sitting next to me.

“I’m Peter,” I said.

“I’m Kate,” said the blonde.

Then she smiled.

And I was smitten.

The course wasn’t that much of a success, in that it didn’t teach me how to flirt. Not that it mattered. My strategy had worked, somewhat differently but infinitely better than I’d hoped. On the Monday evening Kate and I had our first date. By the Tuesday I’d officially found myself a girlfriend. A few months later I found myself on one knee. And a year to the day after we’d first met, I found myself married.

It didn’t last.

Two and a bit years later I lost Kate. To a brain haemorrhage. At Stanstead airport.

And when the dust settled – when I adjusted to a world without my wife – I was single again. The loneliness returned. And though I’ll never be able to replace my beautiful blonde, I needed to fill the space that she’d left.

Something had to be done

It’s my considered belief that ‘dating’ – whether that be online dating, speed-dating, “hey – what’s a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?” dating – is similar to job hunting; it’s just as brutal, many times more frustrating, and potentially far more heartbreaking.

And just like job hunting nobody wants to become ‘good’ at dating. To get good you have to do lots of it, and the very fact that you have to apply for a lot of jobs – or go on a lot of dates – raises more questions than it answers. It’s not really something you want to shout about. Never the less, I was determined. There was no way I wanted to return to the way things were, before Kate, life’s just too damn short. So date I did.

Many, many, many times.

And finally, after years and years of being completely useless at finding romance, I cracked it.

There’s love in my life again.

Just as there can be in yours.

Welcome to How To Start Dating And Stop Waiting.

If you’ve been sitting around, on your own, telling yourself you should really make an effort and ‘get out there’, this book might be for you.

If you’re already dating – or you’ve tried it – and you’ve encountered nothing but liars and Lotharios, started your own personal collection of dating disaster stories, all whilst beating off people you wouldn’t normally look twice at, this book is probably for you.

And if you’d rather fast forward through the dating stage as quickly as possible, and find someone you’d like to have a relationship with – whatever type of relationship that might be – this book is most definitely for you.

But before you get too excited, let’s establish some ground rules. Buckle up and prepare to learn the hardest lesson this book has to give.

‘How To Start Dating And Stop Waiting’ is available NOW in paperback, as an ebook, and shortly in audio from & .com
Visit amazon to purchase the book.

To celebrate the launch of the new book, get the companion guide, FREE for your kindle enabled device, NOW. But hurry. This is a limited, never to be repeated offer.

You don’t need a Kindle device to read a Kindle book. Download the FREE kindle app for your computer, smart phone or tablet from amazon ( | .com)

Start Dating, Stop Waiting. 5 Dating Tips

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heart-love-romanceBefore I started on my quest for happiness, I was using my problem solving skills to figure out what actually works when it comes to courting the opposite sex. From the pen-pal clubs of the early eighties, to the lonely heart newspaper ads of the nineties, from postal dating services to the more formal introduction agencies – there hasn’t been a dating service that I haven’t tried!

And after many, many years of seemingly making every dating mistake there is – scouring every scrap of scientific research I could get my hands on – I finally cracked it. There’s love in my life. And it wasn’t an accident.

If love, lust or romance feature in your goals for this year let me see if I can impart some of my dating prowess to you now. Here are my top five tips for dating success.

Dating Tip Number 1: What do you want?

Figuring out who it is you’re looking for is probably the most effective thing you can do to kick start your love life. You might think (as I used to) that you can’t afford to be picky, that finding someone who doesn’t repel you too much and is content to remain in your company might be the best you can hope for. I’m here to tell you that the reverse is true.

After months, possibly even years, of less-than-satisfactory relationships with long periods of nothing in-between, I sat down and wrote out what I actually wanted. A list of qualities that I hoped for in my ideal person. And about six weeks later I met my wife, Kate.

Now – that’s not the whole story, obviously. There were a few stages between writing my ‘perfect woman shopping list’ and choosing to sit next to this beautiful blonde I spied from across the room, but a few months into our relationship I looked back at that list and I was amazed at just how many of the criteria Kate met. Coincidence? Perhaps. But for the time it would take you to create your own list isn’t it worth the effort?

Dating Tip Number 2: Go online!

By my calculations online dating websites are responsible for one in five marriages. Include relationships that haven’t got as far as the altar, throw in the likes of facebook and other social media websites, and I estimate 50 percent of all romances probably start on the internet. Which means that simply using your computer to meet people could double your chances of dating success.

Dating Tip Number 3: Pick a good dating website

There are a LOT of dating websites out there – finding a good one can be a challenge. My current feelings are the free-ones can be just as good, sometimes better, than the paid-ones. For extra oomph pick a site that does some form of compatibility matching!

Dating Tip Number 4: To meet ‘the one’, you must first meet ‘the many’

Very, very few people go on one date and hit the jackpot first time. In fact, in the years I’ve been chatting to people about this stuff I’ve never met anyone who has. Dating is a numbers game. If you find someone you like online send them a message. If they respond toss a couple more messages back and forth. If you still like them arrange to meet. Meanwhile; continue to browse the dating sites, continue to send messages, continue arranging dates. Exclusivity should be reserved for that special someone you’ve dated more than once, in real life, and even then only if you want to.

As well as a numbers game, dating is a skill. The more dates you go on the better you’ll get.

How To Start Dating And Stop Waiting. Buy it. Now.Dating Tip Number 5: Have fun!

Dating is tough. It has to be said. Some days it can feel like a slog. But if it always feels like a slog, if it’s tough without being the slightest bit pleasurable, well, then you’re doing something wrong!

Try changing your mindset. Dating can be a fun. An adventure. Exciting. It’s a little like a lottery; Sometimes it’s just OK. Sometimes it’s better than OK. Occasionally it’s a total disaster, but every now and then it’s magical. And those moments make up for everything.

Secondly, make sure you’re doing things you actually enjoy. For me, a good first date takes place in a coffee shop, if it’s going really well I might suggest wandering across to the pub over the road. Dinners and first dates don’t mix well. But that’s just me. Maybe you’re into bungy jumping, or white water rafting or long walks in the countryside. Picking an activity you enjoy will significantly increase the chances of your first date going well.

Want More Tips?

If you want to delve into the detail behind the five tips above, pick my brain for more nuggets of dating gems, or need a little more hand holding, then I have some very good news. How To Start Dating And Stop Waiting, my third self-help book, is available today in paperback and as an ebook. An audio version – which includes the companion guide From Invisible To Irresistibleis also available at audible ( and com)

You don’t need a Kindle device to read a Kindle book. Download the FREE kindle app for your computer, smart phone or tablet from amazon ( | .com)


Phoenix FM ‘Happy Club’: Goals VS New Years Resolutions

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Last month I popped into the studios of Phoenix98 FM to discuss ‘happiness’, New Years Resolutions and Goals with the delightful Michelle Ward.

To listen to the show click the big play button in the image below (or if you’re reading this in an email, click here)

Things mentioned during the show

Got a question for next month’s show?

If you have a question for next month’s show feel free to drop me a line, post a comment below, tweet either myself or Michelle, or send me a message on facebook.

The theme for February will be ‘Luuuurve

Michelle’s live on Phoenix FM every weekday from 10am.

FAQ: (more) Potential Goals Day Problems

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mr grumpyOk, settle down, settle down – last week I suggested setting aside time in your diary (you do have a diary, don’t you?) to work on the Goals you identified a few weeks back. From experience I already know that there are probably 50% of you out there who are sitting, arms folded tightly across your chest, scowling at me. Of all the concepts discussed in How To Do Everything And Be Happy goal setting is the one that people wrestle with most. So, allow me to try and address as many of those common goal-related problems as possible.

Words and terminology

“Goals”, “wishes”, “failure” – some people have a real problem with these words:

“Goals” sounds too corporate, too managerial, too board-room, too annoying, too school teacher-ish…

“Wishes” sounds too flaky, too holy, too hippy, too girly…

And let’s not get started on “failure”! We already know how that brings some people out in hives!

If you’re struggling with these, or any other words, then change them. Pick something else. You have my permission to go through your copy of How To Do Everything And Be Happy changing the word “goal” to “target” – or “wishes” to “wants,” whatever works for you. The important thing is not the word, but the concept behind it. If you can’t hear “failure” without wanting to scratch, then change it – how about “Personal Target Re-assessment Opportunity”?!

If you think of any good word alternatives feel free to send them to me and I’ll list them on the website for other word-challenged readers – but please, don’t let a word stop you from getting the most out of goal setting or this book.

Too American

It’s important to realise that I am British. True – I don’t live in a castle, I don’t have a butler, I don’t particularly like battered fish wrapped in newspaper, I’m not a huge fan of roast beef, I can’t stand ‘soccer’, but other than that, most of the stereotypes are probably accurate.

I have worked for numerous American companies over the past fifteen years and some of their culture may have rubbed off on me – some. But I’ve never skipped my lunch, worked late into the night, high-fived my colleagues, or winked at them whilst saying, “Good job!”

That said, our ‘cousins’ across the pond are, as a nation, just a whole lot better at ‘self-improvement’ than we Brits. And for decades American authors have taken ideas that work, re-branded them, and presented them to the book-buying public as ground-breaking and new. So if you’ve ever read, watched or heard anything on ‘goal setting’ or ‘the Law of Attraction’ it’s possible that the ideas presented in this book are going to feel – well, ‘American’.

So here’s a suggestion: join me. Join my little crusade to reclaim these sensible, practical, powerful ideas and re-present them, without the fluff, without the mystique, and with a distinctly European flavour.

Too rigid!

One of the problems with writing a book like this – one that’s based heavily upon personal experience – is that all the ideas and suggestions will work perfectly, if you happen to be me.

Of course, you’re not me. So when it comes to goal setting (or indeed anything else in this book), for goodness sake use your head. If setting yearly goals doesn’t work for you, set them at other times! One of my friends sets them as and when her life dictates.

If three goals is too many, try two. Or one. If you have enough bandwidth to cope with more than three try four, or five.

And though I’ve said it already I’ll say it again – if I come across like a school teacher, then I sincerely apologise. I’m just passionate about this stuff. And the more I see it working for people, the more passionate I become.

Not Enough Time

Every now and again I get an email, or come across a review, where someone says that whilst they might have enjoyed the book, there’s just no way that they could find the time to have a Boxing Days, a Now List Day and a Goals Days, once a month! These people are convinced that to make How To Do Everything and Be happy work, you’ve to somehow conjure up 36 days out of thin air, each year. If you’re one of them, pop back in time to July 2012 when I dealt with that particular issue.

Any Other Questions?

If you have any Goal Related Questions, pop them in the comments box below or drop me a line

Pop back this time next week for more GOAL related goodness.

Was romance on your 2014 Goals List? How To Start Dating And Stop Waiting’ could be your new best friend and it’s available on amazon. You can also buy ‘From Invisible To Irresistible’the shorter, quirkier companion guide on amazon too

Hey! It’s a lonely ol’ life being an author. Writing these words. Wondering if anyone’s reading them. Why not type a jolly little message in the comments box and put a smile on my face :-)

If you can’t see a comments box below or you’re reading this in an email try clicking here

How to use GOALS Day

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Many, many self-help books bang on about the importance of identifying and setting Goals… but rather surprisingly, very few seem to tell you what to do next. The authors seem to assume that the average person, caught up in all the excitement of determining how they’d like their life to be, will crack right on with turning those goals into reality. In my experience that’s not what happens.

Most people will take those goals, stuff them in a drawer (real, virtual or symbolic) and never look at them again.

Which is why I spend quite a lot of time in How To Do Everything And Be Happy helping the reader put systems in place to make sure that some goal related activity takes place.

One of these systems is GOALS Day – a day, perhaps once or twice a month – when you will work on one of your three goals.

But what happens if your GOAL is quite ambitious? What if your plans for world domination might require more than 24 days this year? Funny. That’s pretty much what reader Shiva was wondering a while back. Here’s a copy of the message he sent me recently via facebook.

Greetings Peter - I have a question on the Goal Day. One of my goals (to be fluent in German by Dec. 2015) requires much more time than 1 or 2 days per month. Can a Goal Day be, say for instance, 15 hours spread over a week? Or does it really need to be taking place on regular slots?

Thank you for your support, Shiva

Hi Shiva! What a great question, and I think I know exactly what you mean.

Over the past couple of years I’ve had a number of goals to finish the various books I’ve written – but if I’d only worked on those books on a GOALS day I wouldn’t have gotten very far. Instead I scheduled in WRITING days, and then used my monthly GOALS day(s) as a bonus to work on whichever of my three goals seemed to be the most neglected.

But the real answer to your question is ‘it’s up to you’. You might want to do as I did. Or you might want to use your GOALS day as more of a planning day to coordinate your goal related activity. Or you might want to schedule in more GOALS days (say one a week) if that’s possible. Whatever makes sense for you.

The real point is to make time to work on making your goals a reality.

Pop back this time next week for more GOAL related tips and hints

Is romance on your 2014 Goals List? ‘From Invisible To Irresistible’ – the companion guide to my forthcoming book ‘How To Start Dating And Stop Waiting’ – is cheap as chips and available RIGHT NOW ( | .com)

The Number One Goal Of All Time (Get ‘Eat Loads’ for 99p)

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how to eat loads and stay slim PAPERBACK COLOURS - with drop shadow copyIt’s a funny thing about running Happy Talkies and Happiness Workshops, I’ve started to notice that the same ‘wishes‘ – and therefore the same ‘goals‘ – come up time and time again.

Many people for instance want to embark on exotic trip around the world, visiting as many wondrous sites as possible. Others have burning desires to write a best seller (though asking to see someone’s ‘first chapter’ is usually enough to ensure they never come back to Happy Club ever again). But THE, number one goal – the one that perhaps half the attendees in any given workshop will share – is to lose weight.

And I can understand that, because I’ve been there too.

It seems to be the curse of the thirty / forty something. And not that long ago I too was standing in front of the mirror, wondering where on earth the skinny figure of my twenties went to, and why my body hated me so much. Of all the goals I’ve set myself over the years, shedding those extra pounds was one of the toughest.

Like most people I started with what seemed like obvious solutions (broadly summarised by ‘eating less’ and ‘moving more’) – but when those things didn’t work for me I threw my heart-rate monitor in the bin and went in search of something that might.

After much trial and error, I cracked it. I’m back to the size I was when I first met Kate, and whilst I wouldn’t call myself an expert, I definitely learnt a thing or two about weight loss on the way – stuff that I’d very much like to pass on.

Which is why last year I teamed up with Author Della Galton, and co-wrote my second book; How To Eat Loads And Stay Slim.

For a limited period How To Eat Loads and Stay Slim is just 99p or 99c for your kindle or kindle enabled phone, tablet, pc, or mac via amazon ( |.com) – but hurry! Price goes back up at 11pm next Wednesday.

It’s  a mixture of hard science (eg. how hunger really works), quick ‘cheats’ (eg. how to make zero fat chips), psychological techniques (eg. why focusing on your food as you eat is really important), ingenious strategies (eg. how to cut down on sugar without going cold turkey), and easy peasy recipes (eg. my ‘roast potato & egg smashup breakfast’ or Della’s ‘apple ginger clafouti’) – all served up in an easy-to-digest, humourous read from authors who’ve been where you are now.

If you’ve read How To Do Everything and Be Happy, the format will be familiar to you. Several broad chapters, broken into smaller sections, each of which result in an Action Point. However each thought provoking, scientifically-provable, action point also has a STAR RATING. There are fifty four stars available. You get one just for buying the book! Collect enough and you’ll steadily increase your chances of being able to eat loads AND stay slim. Collect enough stars (thirty or more would be a good target to have) and we personally guarantee that a slim figure, coupled with a healthy but satiated appetite, are yours for the taking. No dieting required.

How To Eat Loads And Stay Slim is available right now as an ebook, paperback and audio download. You can read the opening chapter here, or how about we read it for you? Just click the big play button in the video link below to listen to the opening chapters.

As with all goals why not share your experience with ‘the class’ in the comments box.

If you’re reading this in an email or can’t see the video link  just click here

If you enjoyed listening to us you can download the entire book from audible ( | .com)  - an amazon company and the internet’s largest supplier of spoken word entertainment.

If you’re new to audible, and in the UK, you can get it for free. Just use this link, follow the instructions and search for  ’How To Eat Loads And Stay Slim’.

Is romance on your 2014 Goals List? ‘From Invisible To Irresistible’ – the companion guide to my forthcoming book ‘How To Start Dating And Stop Waiting’ – is cheap as chips and available RIGHT NOW ( | .com)